Medical Interpreting Services

Connecting people and business with a personal touch.
image With the growing diversity of patients and providers today, we provide accurate interpretation for diagnoses and treatment, and serve as cultural liaisons for patients who are uncomfortable or new to medical environments.

Our interpreters are experienced in all forms of medical situations, including initial appointments, pre-surgery consultations, follow-up meetings, workers compensation hearings, litigation and more.

We match the right interpreter with a strong knowledge of medical terminology, procedures and understanding of the daily workings of hospitals and doctor's offices.

Our Certified Interpreting Services are inclusive of the following:


• Professional, Experienced, Detail Oriented CA. Certified Interpreter
• Prep (when required)
• State of Ca. Certified/Registered
• Mileage and Parking Fees
• Last Minute Scheduling
• Statewide Coverage/Any Location
• 24 hour-Personal on call Service


You can rest assured that all medical interpreting is confidential. We regularly sign confidentiality agreements with our clients.