Audio and Video Transcription Services

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image Transcription services entail the interpretation of an audio or video feed into text. These services are often a necessary element for translating to different languages for various purposes, from recorded legal depositions to the production of any multilingual video/audio content. Accurate translations, be it for legal or entertainment purposes, are best served by a certified interpreter or translator. There is no computer program that can approach the accuracy of manual audio and video translation services.

From important recorded legal content to subtitles for international videos, we can provide a certified transcription specialist to provide you with the services you need at the most affordable prices in the industry.

Our Audio and Video Transcription Services include:


• Court Tapes, Depositions & Hearings
• Film and TV Productions
• Educational Films
• Medical Lectures
• Corporate Seminars
• Market Research Productions
• Commercials and PSAs


You can rest assured that all business interpreting is confidential. We regularly sign confidentiality agreements with our clients.